Cocaine discovered at Llama Cola Plant

By order of Llaman Supreme Court

Llaman police have discovered an undisclosed amount of cocaine at the Llama Cola plant in Redondo.

It was discovered late yesterday during a routine quality check of the Cola’s ingredient raw materials.

Llama Cola has been a smash hit in Llama since it was released last year by foreigner, John Pemberton. “It just makes me feel so good”, said one consumer we interviewed, “I think I can fly” said another.

Police have made no comment on Mr. Pemberton’s alleged criminal history and the fact that he is wanted for questioning by the FBI. Mr. Pemberton’s lawyer stated: “I can assure you there is no relationship between this discovery and my client’s history. For the record, he spent 7 years in Colombia as a tourist on a tourist visa”.

The investigation continues.

Mr Pemberton tried to hide from our reporters. He wasn't very successful.
Mr Pemberton tried to hide from our reporters. He wasn’t very successful.