Finance Minister Denies Tax Avoidance

The head office of multi-nationals Goggle and Apricot in Redondo's CBD

The Kingdom of Llama’s Finance Minister has hit back at European Union (EU) claims that the Kingdom is involved in international tax avoidance. The EU recently ruled that Apple pay billions in back taxes, claiming Ireland granted the company an undue tax benefit.

The Finance Minister denied any involvement in tax avoidance, particularly with respect to US multi-nationals. Apricot and Goggle are both accused of passing billions of dollars in revenue through the Kingdom before being ‘lost’ in the Caribbean somewhere. Or Fiji. Yes, them again.

“The citizens of Llama are the world’s largest consumers of apricots, and they are messy eaters which means they need goggles”, the Minister explained.

When it was pointed out that these multi-national companies operate through a business address that houses only a chicken coop on the property, the Minister claimed this must be a clerical error in the paperwork.

However, one reporter claimed that he was assaulted by the chickens when asking about the ownership of the business. “I was set upon by around 10-15 of them and pecked repeatedly”. The Llaman police denied rumours the chickens were part of a crack team trained by US Navy seals. “Really, who would believe such nonsense?” he asked.