Kingdom Seeks Diplomatic Solution to Olympics Ban

You should be ashamed of yourself thinking we would publish a smutty image with this article. What do you think the Internet is for anyway?

A Government spokesperson today advised that discussions were continuing ‘at a diplomatic level’ to allow the Kingdom of Llama to participate in the Olympics. The spokesperson stated that despite the ongoing issue of United Nation’s recognition of Llaman sovereignty, the Government was hopeful that the Olympic Committee would see the merits of their argument and allow participation at future Olympics.

Reference was made to the recent Llaman National Games were athletes competed in a domestic competition. The spokesperson noted that, had Llama been allowed to compete in the 2016 Rio games, its athletes would have one more than twenty gold medals in track and field. For good measure, he noted that Usain Bolt’s 100 and 200 metre times were well below the best of the Llamans in the domestic competition.

When questioned about the rumours around systemic doping of Llaman athletes producing unintended side-effects such as four legs, the spokesperson dismissed the story as ‘unsubstantiated nonsense”.