We Were Hacked !! Was it the US Government?

We were hacked by nefarious government agencies, known and unknown. The Illamanati is not impressed.

To all our readers around the world, we humbly apologize for the loss of service over the past few hours. We were hacked.

We understand how the loss of vital services can be dis-orientating and create anxiety.

We would like to offer a big thank you to our IT department who, with skillful use of duct-tape, elastic bands and a big hammer, managed to get us back online as quickly as possible.

Who was behind this criminal activity? We prefer not to say to avoid creating an international diplomatic incident. What we will say is the attack occurred shortly after we posted the article about the US government refusing to pay for the cost of building the wall to stop the flood of Americans illegally entering the Kingdom of Llama. Coincidence? We will let our readers be the judge.

Our readers can rest assured that we will be intimidated by no Government, or their secret agencies, in the pursuit of publishing the truth. We believe integrity in journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy, benevolently ruled by an authoritive nice guy, King.

And when we find this integrity, particularly in our own journalism, we will be the first to let you, our readers, know.

So relax world, The Times of Llama is back online and back publishing the truth. Or stuff that could be the truth. If it were true.