Lawmakers Deny Scalping Tickets to Inauguration

You were warned.

The appearance of tickets to President Trump’s Inauguration on Llaman online trading sites has triggered rumours that US lawmakers who are refusing to attend are selling their tickets online.

Trump inauguration tickets were available on various trading sites for between $25 and $100. Some have questioned whether the tickets were real and not part of a scam (…the naivety of some people – as if there are ever scams on the Internet!!). Others have suggested the reason for the low price was the difficulty of getting to Washington on time. Others say it is simply fair market value.

If the prices for the tickets do represent the real value, then Trump supporters can take heart from the fact that tickets to Hillary Clinton’s speech “I was robbed – how Putin stole my Presidency” at the Women in Power Conference in Las Vegas are selling online for $5.

Editor’s Note: This article was written as a joke. We do occasionally make exceptions to our strict and absolute rule of only printing the truth, or what could be the truth. If it were true. But then when looking at some of the news feeds, we find that there really are people scalping the tickets. Huh!